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It’s important for each Christian to recognize the nature of God and His eternal attributes so that we know how He acts in each and every situation regarding our lives.  God is:

ETERNAL:   There has never been a time when God did not exist. There will, also, never be a time when He ceases to exist.  (Psalms 90:1-2)

OMNIPRESENT:  God is present in all places at all times.  (Psalms 139: 7-12)

OMNIPOTENT:  God is all powerful, having more than enough strength to do the sum total of all things.   (Jeremiah 32: 17)

OMNISCIENT:  God is all knowing and unlimited in His knowledge.  Nothing ever takes Him by surprise. (Hebrews 4: 13)

IMMUTABLE:  God never changes in His nature or attributes.  (Hebrews 1:12)

JUST:  God is totally fair.  He executes perfect justice in accordance with His attribute of Righteousness.  All that is unrighteous must be judged and separated from a relationship with Him.  (Deuteronomy 32:4)

LOVE:  God is perfect, infinite love.  It’s given freely and without any consideration of the merit or loveliness of the object.  God’s perfect love is given to everyone, including enemies.  (John 3:16)

HOLY:  God is perfectly pure and separate from all that is evil.  He cannot be tempted by evil and tempts no one.  (1 Peter 1:16)

TRUTH:  God is totally reliable and dependable as is His Word.  (John 17:17)

SOVEREIGN:  God has a will and a right to do as He pleases.  All things are subject to Him.  He alone sets all standards, rules, and regulations for everything.  (1 Chronicles 29:11)

RIGHTEOUS:  God is absolute rightness and perfection.  It is impossible for Him to cause anything that is wrong or harmful in anyway.  He is the standard to all that is right.  (Psalms 119: 137)

MERCIFUL:  God is compassionate and gives His grace freely.  All who call upon the name of the Lord will be granted eternal life.  (Luke 6:36))

God always acts in accordance with all the other attributes of His character, and He never expresses one attribute of His character at the expense of another.  It’s important to know who God is so that we know how God acts.

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