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“All of us will stand before God to be judged by Him.  For the scripture says, as surely as I am the living God, says the Lord, everyone will kneel before me, and everyone will confess that I am God.”  Every one of us, then, will have to give an account of himself to God.”  (Romans 14: 10-12)

The most important thing we can do in this life is to insure where we will spending the next!

The Bible teaches clearly that all men, both living and dead, saved and unsaved, must give an account to Christ. This is the final judgement of all the people who have ever lived on earth.  It is Christ, Himself, who will be the ultimate Judge. This will be the final and irreversible judgement. 

According to the Bible (Revelation 21:5), the great book recording the deeds of all mankind will be opened by God.  Those people whose names are not written in the “book of life” will be cast into the lake of fire reserved for the devil, his angels, and any man who refuses to put his faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  This is called the “second death.” Man physically dies once but then, unrepentant man is judged and sentenced to eternal death, or separation from God.

God, by His nature, is just in condemning all sinners.

But justice and judgment are two sides of the same coin. You cannot have perfect justice without judgment. God cannot make things right without declaring certain things wrong. Try to take one without the other, and you lose the Good News.

Believers in Christ never need to be in fear of judgement.  For every Christian this judgement is already past.  When Jesus comes again at the end of the Millennium, He will have on His body the marks of crucifixion, as proof that the penalty for sin has been paid in full.  This should be reassuring as the Bible says:

“Whoever hears my words and believes in Him who sent me has eternal life.  He will not be judged, but has already passed from death to life.”  (Romans 5:24)

God cannot condemn man who places his faith in Jesus Christ’s atoning death and resurrection as Christ’s righteousness and perfection has been imparted into man.  Christ took upon Himself man’s sin and gave His righteousness in return.  God the Father, then, sees the believer as eternally justified and cannot condemn him to hell.  For the Bible says:

“There is no condemnation now for those who live in union with Christ Jesus.  For the law of the Spirit, which brings us life in union with Christ Jesus, has set me free from the law of sin and death.”  (Romans 8:1-2)

The Christian can now be SURE of his salvation and never worry about Judgement Day!

Additional References: Romans 14:10, Matthew 12:36, Revelation 20:11

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