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“Then the King will say to those on His left, “Away from me, you that ae under God’s curse!  Away to the eternal fire which has been prepared for the Devil and his angels.”  (Matthew 25: 41)


Regardless of race, color, or creed, anyone who rejects the free gift of salvation offered by Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary and His subsequent resurrection, unfortunately, won’t find rest when they die. 

How do you know for sure that hell won’t be your eternal destination?  Many people don’t know for sure.  Most people assume that being a good person will automatically get them a key that unlocks the pearly gates.  Most people assume that if they tip the scale of good works versus bad works above 50% then a “loving” God would most assuredly let them spend eternity is heaven.  Most people assume that by going to church every Sunday, they will go to heaven.  We all know what happens when we assume. You’ll have hell to pay if you are wrong!

The Bible presents hell as a real place of torment and unending suffering.  It’s a place where God punishes unbelievers for all eternity.  It’s mentioned (or referred to) over 23 times in the New Testament alone. 

“For the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23)

Unfortunately, most people will spend eternity in the dark fiery furnace of hell, where the flames are never extinguished.  This doesn’t have to be the case, but it is as the Bible says the “gate to life is narrow and the way that leads to it is hard and there are few people who find it.” (Matthew 7:13)  Jesus often spoke how hard it was for man to enter the Kingdom of heaven.

Many people loathe a God who will send the majority of the earth’s inhabitants to eternal torment. Most people don’t understand that it’s not God who sends people to hell.  It’s the majority of people who send themselves to hell by their freedom of choice. 

In their pride, man refuses to accept God’ free gift of Grace.  They expect God to let the little sins slide because “everyone does them.”  This is the lie of a false sense of assurance.  God, in His nature, can’t let even one sin slide by.  He’s perfectly just so every sin must be punished.

Mankind abhors a God who isn’t permissive.  We live in a world system where tolerance is preached and absolute truth is admonished.  Since death is a painful subject, the majority of people do not even want to talk about hell, sin, and its consequences. They would rather remain silent and die in sin than being made to feel uncomfortable talking about eternal pain and suffering.  How tragic since it cost us nothing, but the faith of a mustard seed, to believe and avoid hell, forever.

Additional References: Matthew 25:41, Revelation 21:8, Matthew 10:28

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