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“In order to build a biblical-theological framework for understanding God’s mission, the church’s mission, and the church’s mission to the nations, one must first understand the unified biblical narrative, including its four major plot movements—Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration.”   David Nelson: The Story of Mission: The Grand Biblical Narrative


The “big picture” or grand narrative of the Bible is vital in understanding the basics of the Christian faith.  We need to understand why God created man, how man fell from God’s favor, why God initiated his secret plan of redemption to allow man back in His fellowship, and how (and where) God and man will spend eternity together once this restoration is accomplished.


CREATION:  God, the Father, created man in order that we may fellowship with Him now and forever.  Here is the WHOLE truth as to why we were created. Man was created to:

  • Worship God for who He is

  • Honor God for what He owns

  • Obey God for what He promises

  • Love God for what He does

  • Enjoy God  for what He provides


FALL:   Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s command in the garden “not to eat of the tree of good and knowledge.”  As a result of this first sin by man (also called the fall), Adam and Eve became immediately alienated from a perfect, holy God.  Adam’s dominion over the world was legally handed over to Satan and they (as well as every subsequent generation) were forced to die both physically and spiritually.

REDEMPTION:  Thankfully, the loving Creator who, by His just nature must punish all sin is determined to turn this sin and its consequences into good that will be His ultimate glory, through His secret plan.  In the person of Jesus Christ, God Himself came to renew the world and restore His people through their faith (alone) in Him and His redemptive purpose.

RESTORATION:  Thankfully, the story doesn’t end with redemption.  God has promised to renew the whole world to Himself.  There will be a final judgement for all mankind.  Those who put their faith in Jesus will spend eternity in the glories of heaven with God, the angels, and fellow believers.  All those who reject the free gift of salvation will spend eternity in the torments of hell, without God, forever.

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